Passion means Committed. It means that you eat, sleep and breath this dream in your heart. It means that this baby you are carrying takes priority over other things that used to be number one in your life. Remember, “The difference between involvement and commitment is like ham and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.  – Martina Navratilova

Commitment doesn’t mean that you will always hit it and you will always be on top. It means that even when you feel at your worst and don’t produce your best, you are still in this game and you are in it to learn and to get to the top. Commitment is an in-going effort in your pursuit of you passion. Most times, it is not how you score along the way that counts, it is that you kept going and gained a little  day by day – that is what makes all the difference.

How committed are you to your cause? How committed to your dreams and your passions? What are you willing to sacrifice in order to make sure you succeed? Abraham was committed to his God. Despite having waited 100years for a son, he was willing to sacrifice Isaac upon the instructions of the Lord. What is your Isaac and are you willing to lay it down? Are you willing to sacrifice whatever it takes in order to get to wherever you need to go?

Commitment doesn’t always make sense. Some days commitment will seem futile. Some days it will look to the outside world like you need to give up and go another way. Some will tell you to be practical and some will tell you to grow up. Some will tell you to quit your foolish ways.  What I have learned is that:

  1. My vision doesn’t need to make sense to everyone so long as God keeps confirming it
  2. My vision doesn’t need to be known by everyone
  3. My strategy is right if I have peace with God – the rest, He will take care of
  4. My baby must be protected and only revealed slowly until God decides the moment of its unveiling
  5. I Must continually and consistently revisit my vision, and re-dream your dream. It is only in doing this that I will be able to remember where it is God and I are headed and keep myself in check from going astray.

The story is told of Elizabeth who after years of being barren conceived. Everyone began to talk about the baby and discuss the name, but God had already named the baby. When her husband doubted it, God confirmed it but shut his mouth to teach him a lesson. When the time was right and the baby was to be named, God opened his mouth and allowed him to speak the name that had been ordained for the baby.

Another story is told of Elizabeth’s cousin Mary who conceived supernaturally and ran to hide in Elizabeth’s home until she was bold enough to return home and be on her own.

  • Sometimes God will require you to stay put as the baby grows despite what the world says [SUMMER]
  • Sometimes He will require you to shut your mouth despite what you want to say [AUTUMN]
  • Sometimes He will allow you to hide in someone else’s shadow as you learn and grow [WINTER]
  • Always the time will come when you have grown enough and are bold enough to stand on your own with your baby. [SPRING]

In the Summer you will sow; In Autumn you will store; In your Winter you will hibernate and in your Spring you will spring forth.  Which season are you in and how committed are you to seeing this dream through? Are you the Chicken who is involved or are you the pig who is committed? Have you made a choice to observe or are you making a decision to invest?

On this 4th day of July 2013, I challenge you to sit down, re-read the vision God put in your heart; re-examine the passion He laid in your soul and re=evaluate the dream He gave to you. Write it down and then decide: in this ham and eggs buffet, are you the chicken or are you the pig?

Ham and Eggs


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