How To Take A Punch

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It’s tough to take a punch. You want to get up and fight back but you don’t have the physical strength. Your lungs are burning from lack of breath but you literally cannot catch that breath. You know there’s still more fight in you but you wonder if you’ll catch a long enough break to get on your knees and muster the courage to get up on your feet. Every day that we live, we’re in the fight for our lives. I often hear people saying that they want this rough season to end so that they can get on with life and living. Thing that I realised recently and must share with you today is that every day is the fight for your life. Sometimes you take the punches on your knees and sometimes you take them on your feet and they bring you to your knees but EVERY SINGLE DAY we are in the fight for our lives.

So today I want to teach you a little trick about fighting for your life and taking a punch.

1 Samuel 30

6 David, too, was in anguish. Some of his men talked about stoning him because they were so bitter about their families being taken. But David took comfort in the Eternal One, his True God.

7 He called for the priest, Abiathar, son of Ahimelech, and instructed him to bring the priestly vest, which he did.

David (to the Lord): 8 Should we pursue these raiders? Can we catch them?

Eternal One: Go after them. You will catch them, and you will certainly rescue your families.

9-10 So David set out with his 600 men. They came to the wadi Besor, a dry creek bed where he left behind 200 men who were too exhausted to continue the pursuit.

21 David and his people returned to the wadi Besor, where the 200 had remained behind, and those men went out to meet David and all those with him. As David approached, he greeted them. 22 But some of the wicked and greedy ones who had fought alongside David spoke out.

Wicked Men: Because these men didn’t go with us, why should we give them back the things we recovered for them? Sure, let them take back their wives and their children. But that’s all. We’ll keep the rest, and they must leave.

David: 23 My brothers, this is not how we’re going to treat what the Eternal One has returned to us. He saved us and gave us success over the raiding party that sacked our city. 24 Why would anyone agree with you about this matter? The share of the one who fights is the same as the share of the one who looks after the supplies. We all share equally.

25 In fact, he made this a law and an ordinance, and it remains so in Israel today.

26 And after David returned to Ziklag, he gave part of the spoil he had taken to his friends who ruled over Judah, with the message, “This is a present for you taken from the enemies of the Eternal.”

In the above scripture, David is at his very lowest. His boss has fired him in the previous chapter, his family has been kidnapped, his home has been burned, his men are turning against him and he has “Nothing to live for”. He has two choices:

  • Lie down and “die”
  • Stand up and fight.

He had taken all the punches he could take on his own and needed to go back to the basics and get back into the fight. Today I feel like that. I have taken a few punches – which is great because it’s showing me that I have two choices. Lie down or stand up and today I choose to stand up.

  1. David first did the most natural thing in the world. HE WEPT! He Cried. He mourned. He let out all his frustrations.
  2. The next thing he did was to call the priest and consult with The Eternal One. He needed someone who would keep it real with him and give it to him straight. Tell it like it was and not sugar coat it. If he was going to go with strategy #2, he needed a strategic consult with the ultimate strategist.
  3. After that, he came up with a plan of action and executed it. The leader in him could not, would not give in or give up. He needed to be strong on the outside and appear so to his men if he was going to instill enough confidence in this group of vagabonds to follow him again.
  4. As they went along, he made an executive decision to leave some dead weight behind. The men who stayed behind were at one point or another valuable and loyal and incredible and WOW but at this very moment they were not adding much value to anyone least of all themselves.
  5. With the mission accomplished, David stopped his men from victimizing those who stayed behind and equally sharing the spoils. Sometimes you will have to make a decision to pull the team together and not break them apart by the choices you make.
  6. And finally, upon returning home, a part of the celebration was to appease the neighboring “big boys”. I’m pretty sure that this was in order to ensure that his home was protected and watched over in the future.

Listen up people. Today as you chose to get up (I say this because to me this is the only option on the menu), I suggest you do all the crying first. Nobody wants a champion who keeps breaking down. Then call out to the Eternal One and draw up a plan. Then execute the plan with confidence and tenacity – remember again, there is no option but to fight and the only outcome you expect is to win! Be a leader. Be the leader you were created to be. Lead with authority and wisdom. Check your surroundings: If you need to drop some dead weight, do it with grace and not malice. Then check your surroundings again and make sure that you have the backing of some ‘big boys’ in your area / your domain / your environment.

It’s never going to be easy to walk into a ring. But there has got to be a difference between walking in a loser and walking in a winner. The winning is not decided by the fight, it is decided by the attitude, the preparation and the mindset. Today I beseech you to walk in a winner and walk out a champion. THIS IS THE FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!

As so aptly put by Emiliano Zapata, a leading figure in the Mexican Revolution against the dictatorship of Porfirio Díaz that broke out in 1910, “Its better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.” 

So live, love, laugh, and above all, FIGHT!

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