Sometimes a girl just needs a hug. Sometimes a girl just needs to shed a few tears and she’ll be fine. And sometimes a girl just needs to refuse to be a victim of her own making and look into the bright shiny future and know that everything is going to be all right.

Today I needed that hug and God provided the perfect angel in my dear friend Malaika … you are a true angel to me (just like your name says) and I bless the Lord for giving you to me as a gift.

Today, I want to send a hug out to every woman who needs one, every woman who wants one and those who didn’t even realize they deserve one.

If you’ve had a long day, here’s a hug

If things didn’t work out, here’s a hug

If you’re over the moon with excitement, here’s a hug

If you’re in love and happy, here’s a hug

If you need to remember, here’s a hug

If you need to forget, here’s a hug

Here’s a hug to everyone of you out there who never got the time, the affection or the ability to receive a hug.

Hugs are healthy so today will be international [yeiii] give a hug day. Find someone who needs a hug and give it to them.

Today’s statistics are that “A hug is universal form of physical intimacy. There are facts about hugs with regards health. It is known that hugs helps lower blood pressure, decreases the risk of heart attack, and helps slow down the heart beat. As a result, lowering stress.” []

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