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So the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. So much so that I was forced to stop and prioritize my days down to a T to ensure that what needed to  get done got done so that I could then spend my time doing what I enjoy doing – writing. In all that, I stopped and had a couple of rose smelling / coffee tasting moments in life. You get to a point where you are so exhausted and so caught up in everything that the only thing you do / the only thing you can do is to find that one thing in your day that gives you the motivation to keep going.

So here’s my fun and wacky fact for today. Hummingbirds can’t walk. That is amazing. Here we’re talking about one of the smallest birds created.

  • They can hover in mid-air by rapidly flapping their wings 12–80 times per second (depending on the species).
  • To conserve energy while they sleep or when food is scarce, they have the ability to go into a hibernation-like state (torpor) where their metabolic rate is slowed to 1/15th of its normal rate.
  • They are also the only group of birds with the ability to fly backwards.

Such amazing facts, things that are way beyond the ordinary and yet they can’t perform the simple and mundane task of walking? That’s just crazy.

I’m going to compare them to another bird – the ostrich. According to my wonderful bottomless pit of fantastic facts, an ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain. What are you talking about? That’s just crazy talk … isn’t it? Nope – that’s a fact. The complete opposite of it’s infinitesimally miniscule relative, this bird is one of the two largest species in the world. This bird has the ability to run upto 70kilometers per hour, the fastest land speed by a bird, but cannot fly. And it’s brain is smaller than it’s eye? Ridiculous.

The lesson I take from this is as follows:

  • Sometimes appearances can be deceiving
  • You can be the most extraordinary person in the world with the greatest ability and gifting but doing the normal ordinary day-to-day things defeats you – you can soar to great heights in any direction but cannot walk to save your life!
  • You can be the most likely candidate on many fronts but you are limited by the reality of how far you can think and the inability to soar.

It’s the little foxes, that ruin the vineyard (Song of Solomon 2:15) – it’s the inability to think beyond what we can see that prevents us from seeing we are the best and the biggest and the brightest and the fastest.

I heard a story once told by Nobel Peace Laureate, the late Wangari Maathai about a hummingbird.

One day a terrible fire broke out in a forest – a huge woodlands was suddenly engulfed by a raging wild fire. Frightened, all the animals fled their homes and ran out of the forest. As they came to the edge of a stream they stopped to watch the fire and they were feeling very discouraged and powerless. They were all bemoaning the destruction of their homes. Every one of them thought there was nothing they could do about the fire, except for one little hummingbird.

This particular hummingbird decided it would do something. It swooped into the stream and picked up a few drops of water and went into the forest and put them on the fire. Then it went back to the stream and did it again, and it kept going back, again and again and again. All the other animals watched in disbelief; some tried to discourage the hummingbird with comments like, “Don’t bother, it is too much, you are too little, your wings will burn, your beak is too tiny, it’s only a drop, you can’t put out this fire.”

And as the animals stood around disparaging the little bird’s efforts, the bird noticed how hopeless and forlorn they looked. Then one of the animals shouted out and challenged the hummingbird in a mocking voice, “What do you think you are doing?” And the hummingbird, without wasting time or losing a beat, looked back and said, “I am doing what I can.”

I challenge you not limit yourself to do only what you can do but to lean in the arms of the everlasting love of God to allow you to soar to greater heights. I challenge you to be the hummingbird in your season, in your gifting.

This little hummingbird needs to hibernate for tonight :–)

XOXO – From: A Girl-About-Town



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