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How long sighted was Joseph’s vision? It wasn’t enough that he had seen his position of authority over his brothers years before. My Bible tells me that he also saw the future of the Israelites hundreds of years ahead.


“Exodus 13:19 (CEB) | In Context | Whole Chapter

19 Moses took with him Joseph’s bones just as Joseph had made Israel’s sons promise when he said to them, “When God takes care of you, you must carry my bones out of here with you.”


By the time Joseph was dying, the children of Israel were in good standing with the governors of Egypt. But he made them promise to carry his bones and his words to them were very specific .

  • When God Takes Care of you
  • When the Lord Visits you
  • God will be with you
  • God will remember you

Regardless of the translation, one thing is clear: Joseph saw trouble coming ahead BUT saw God remembering His children.


We are sometimes so short sighted regardless of the journey we have walked. WE beleive God in the moment and forget His track record. We see His works mighty in the now but assume temporary amnesia in the day of trouble. We are very much the children of Israel (millions) with very few Joephs amongst us.


Father, today I pray for the vision of Joseph To be able to look ahead and see where you are taking me and not focus on the here and now. I pray for the long-sightedness to be able to eliminate any amnesia (temporary or otherwise). I pray for starting power, staying power and finishing power even in my vision and visualisation. Most of all, I pray for the ability to put my trust in you completely and lean not on my own understanding regardless of the forecast, the weather or the environment.


Help me to remember always that I am Beautiful – Empowered – VISIONARY

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