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And just when you thought you could not take it any more, He spoke into the stillness of the silence. The deafening, loud silence, oxymoronic as it was, had become a place of solace. A place where I could shift blame and not take responsibility and just wait out the quiet storm. The storm was never really quiet, It had been raging all along. The only difference now was that I was unintentionally sitting in the very eye of the storm so from where I was sitting, my view was pretty clear and my day pretty calm.

Before this season, the storm had been my friend – an uneasy camaraderie had developed over the years so much so that I never wanted to be without the storm. Like a shadow lurking after me wherever I went, I carried the drama, the chaos, the destruction of the storm with me wherever I went. And when I was done, I walked away into the season of the eye. A season I had initially detested for her calm, her dependability, her silence and her resilience despite my numerous futile attempts to bring some drama and ‘stuff’ along with me.

Eventually, the stark discomfort of our disagreeable agendas settled into a mutual respect for the value in difference and now it had finally become that constant companion, never offering solutions but always providing solace and comfort.

Then this morning, just like that, with no prior warning and giving no explanations, He spoke in the eye of the storm. The voice He sent seemed unsure and uncertain as the message was never really meant to be understood by the messenger but only carried into the relevance of the current season for the intended recipient. The second voice – less than 4 hours later was stark; crisp; clear; concise; questioning all and withholding nothing.

And just like that, the answers had come and the timing was set. A sequence of events had been kick-started which meant that just like the domino effect, once it got going, it had to play itself out to the very end.

Today my beloved is the day when that first domino has fallen into place and caused lines to fall for me in pleasant places. The old has passed away and behold the new season has come to pass. Do I not know it? Can I not hear it? As sure as my name is Beverly and as poignant and pregnant my passion and purpose, the still small voice quietened the storm within and has now spoken into the future.

I pray that this breaking and breakthrough will be for you as it is for me a time of cleansing and a time of preparation. A time to plan and a time to prepare. A time to put aside and a time to build up.

I am excited about where He is taking me and I know and trust that no weapon formed shall prosper.

In this, the Springtime of my life, I speak a season of #NewBeginnings to all my #BeautifulPetals far and wide.

Remember Always and Forget Never that:

You are Beautiful-Empowered-Visionary

You are a BeautifulPetal

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