It’s Raining Sunshine

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I look around me and all I see is different shades of sunshine and ice cream. The colors seem brighter and more vivid – reflecting laughter and squeals of joy. The rays of sunshine drop like rain – heavy, steady, strong and piercing. Everything reflects in them and they reflect everything. It’s been less than a year since we had a sunshine-storm but it’s been brewing for decades.

I close my eyes and take it all in, breathing deeply and taking in the moment. The air is thick with the intoxicating smell of ice-cream and candy. Everywhere you look, there are teeth flashing, tongues yapping, laughter wobbling and bouncing off the rays of raining sunshine.

Today is the day my elder sister’s fiance came to pay dowry for her. A very important function in the African culture, and for my father, a day that says to him. “Papa, we honor you for having this girl, for raising her right, for keeping her hopes alive and fanning her dreams.” It is a day when the proud father struts around like a peacock, showing off every hue and shade of color in it’s loudly proud tail. When the over-joyed mother frets and pokes into this corner and that, making sure that everything is just right. When the blushing bride cannot stop worrying until she can no longer worry and the moment is here – all she can do is go for it.

I recently watched a movie about a woman who longed to be pregnant. She and her husband had been trying for a couple of years and she couldn’t wait to find her glow. She finally got pregnant and it just didn’t go according to how she had imagined it. If anything, she lost her glow … until she held her baby in her arms – that’s when she realized that he was her glow. Today as I watched my sister, I saw her glow. He is her glow. She glides between tables greeting her guests (because she is the hostess with the most-est for the day) and gracefully placing a whisper here or gently depositing a hug there or passionately breaking into laughter yonder. She is in this moment everything God created her to be – the blushing bride dancing in the raindops of sunshine and floating on the clouds of ice-cream.

The sunshine represents the love that sparkles the air and the ice-cream is the hope for so many tomorrows. It’s the end of a beautiful day and all I can think about is how the sunshine caressed our home – like God was sprinkling feathery light kisses of sunshine, just for us. And all I want to dream about is how the scent of ice-cream still lingers giving hope for tomorrow for this and every other bride to be, and every other bride who once was – and forever will be.

And suddenly one of my all-time favorite verses of scripture jumps to life:

Isaiah 62:5

And as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,
So your God will rejoice over you.

God has truly rejoiced over this blushing bride and the day she says I do will be a day to remember. I for one am honored to follow in her footsteps excited about many more ice-cream sunshiny storms to come – for her, for me, for us.

Who I am loves who she is to day and dreams of who she will soon become

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