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She woke up that morning feeling slightly harassed by life and generally beat up and tired. It had been a rough season and she was more than ready for it to come to an end. Within 15minutes she had a list an arm long of things she needed to confront Him about and things she needed Him to fix. As she went through her morning routine and began to get dressed to face the 14-hour work day, she realized that she had not once thought to ask Him how He was. How His night had been. Not once had the thought of telling Him she loved Him or thanking Him for all that He had done come to her mind.

Suddenly she realized how self absorbed she was. It always had to be all about her and her needs. After all He was always there, ever present, always waiting, ever patient and never tiring of loving and adoring her. He spoiled her, dotted over her, fawned over her, adored her in every way.

Suddenly, this young bride realized that she had taken advantage of her first love. She had assumed that the love was strong enough to break every chain and overcome every challenge. This morning as she looked for Him, she realized that He was still there and the love still shone in His eyes but he seemed sad and withdrawn. When she approached Him and sought intimacy with Him she realized she needed to work harder to draw Him out. She realized that while He had never stopped loving her and living for her, she had walked away from their secret place and moved to a place of intimacy with the world. He was still there, their love still strong in His heart and their dreams still alive in His mind – still waiting for her and still wanting and wishing only the best for her.

That morning she stopped everything and decided to tell Him how much He meant to her and how much she loved and cherished Him. With tears streaming down her chubby rosy cheeks, the bride approached the bridegroom, knelt down and spent time in His presence gleaning from Him, basking in His love and loving Him back in a way that only she could ever love and touch His heart.

That morning I went back to my first love – the lover of my soul, my Eternal one – The Eternal one. I went back and took the time to tell Him that I will forever be His bride and that no material thing can / will ever replace Him in my heart. That morning I dethroned everything else and sat content in His presence.

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