Lessons I Will Carry With Me Into 2017

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2017 is here 🙂

And what a breath of fresh air.

I have waited for you long and am hopeful for this dance we will do. It will be intimate. It will invade all sense of personal space. It will define and refine. It will be AMAZING!

So here’s what I’m taking with me from 2016. You should do the same!

  1. Life is for living and not for crying
  2. There will be good times and not so good times
  3. Kila kitu kwa kiasi. Hata ujinga.” [Everything in moderation. Even foolishness.” So cry if you must then get up and move on
  4. Laughter really is medicine for the soul
  5. When all is said and done, take the lesson and then move right on along
  6. You will have a hard time with relationships that appear in your harvest season because they don’t know the true meaning of the tears you shed in your sowing season and yet feel entitled to reap your bountiful harvest
  7. God is love and His love never diminishes
  8. Remember in the hard times the instructions given in the good times
  9. Love hard, Live hard, keep going and enjoy the ride
  10. Don’t allow the rain to determine how brightly your light shines. You were born to shine – so shine on!!!!!!

And now dear ones, ROCK ON! Because life is for rocking and love is for living!




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