Ode To Some Real Heroes – And a Happy Birthday To Me

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It’s the eve of my 35th Birthday and girl oh girl am I excited. I’ve always been the one to make a huge hullabaloo and kick up a fuss about my birthday. One year, it was ice-cream cake on a beach in Tampa. One year it was dinner with my June Bug in Kampala. One year it was a huge DO complete with catering, tents, fairy lights and 85 guests. One year, it was Chinese with my nearest and dearest. I LOVE to celebrate me. I LOVE to celebrate and I LOVE me. I spoil myself. I sing, I dance, I clap, I woop, I squeal, I yelp, I WOOP WOOP and WOOHOO my way right into the new year. I LOVE to get gifts. I love shiny packages. I love receiving flowers. I generally just really really love my birthday. It’s an AWESOME day. How could it not be? I mean – 35years ago I was kicking and screaming my way into this world. The world needed to acknowledge and recognize the birth of me. And now that I’m here, how could I not cause a commotion all to be seen and heard some more? The emancipation of me out of the womb into this world was one thing back then, but I figured that if I did it once and while I still have the chance, why not do it over and over and over and over again – every single year?
This year I feel calm. I’m not anxious – quite the opposite. I’m really just at peace. I have come to know me and love me, I have come to see me for who I truly are, I have come to appreciate me for who I am and be happy in me. Most of all I know that non of this would be possible apart from, outside of and independent of God.
I share this special day with a very special person. My sister, Sylvia. You my love, are an amazing person. I watch you and just cannot stop but stand in awe of you. Who you are, what you love, what you’re achieving, how far you’ve got, how much further you push yourself and how that inspires me. I cannot imagine my life without you, I wouldn’t have it any other way! You’ve always been my hero and I just love love love you!
I also want to salute someone else; another hero in my life. Thank God we’re not talking in hindsite. You are my hero. You fought cancer, you overcame and here you are today. You may never know how deeply I respect you and how passionately I love you. This being Bev Celebration Month as well as breast cancer awareness month, let me just say Sidney Misigo Chahonyo that you inspire me to be a better person. You inspire me to aspire to succeed at all costs. You make me laugh, you tickle me silly. I do believe sometimes I exasperate you with my incessant chatter but you never ever tire of me. My brother, my friend, my hero – I love you and salute the warrior in you for never giving up.
And to all the still standing and fallen heroes in the war against cancer, I salute you. For those still standing I applaud you. For those who needed to rest I stand in silence to show my respect and bow my head in memory of you. Gone too soon would be an understatement – and yet we may never know why God does things the way He does.
So today, for the first time in as far as I back as I can remember, I chose to turn the focus off myself and onto those who truly deserve it. Falling heroes and heroines. Resting soldiers against this war. Conquerors in all ways, shapes and forms. May the God of all creation continue to be your shield and strength.
Happy Birthday to me may seem so small and insignificant so I’ll say Happy Living to all of you.
XOXO – From: A-Girl-About-Town



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