Of Beautiful Petals and Moving Forward

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Following my #NakedNotAshamed bombshell on Saturday concerning my dating life and mishaps from my past, I’ve gotten a lot of feedback.Insightful, humbling, heartbreaking, encouraging and all pulling together towards the common goal of making me bare all – all the more.  An amazing young lady I recently began to mentor told me that she doesn’t know how I do it – or where I get the strength. How do I allow the world to see my nakedness? How do I still walk with my head held high? She feels that she’s so far off and she’ll never get there. A word to the wise on that:- my journey and yours can never be compared. There are things I will never be able to go through and things you will never be able to carry. So my dearest Miss H, slow your role, learn from me and walk a different path.

And yet I digress. I decided to jot down the lessons learned in a chat with my little Miss H. And here are the meditations of my heart: Find your spiritual oasis. And when you have drank to your fill, fill someone else up. There is so much more that God is demanding of you. and in your current place, it never appears like you can achieve it. But He is more than able to help you achieve. The only way to do that is to:

1. Completely remove the mask and become totally 100% real

2. Change environments and become totally free.

Based on that, I made the following observations which I pray will help teach someone and fill someone’s cup:

  1. Sometimes the environment to be changed is your mind
  2. An Israelite can leave Egypt but remain a slave in their mind
  3. Start doing things differently
  4. Find your oasis. Identify it. Then begin to move towards it in earnest, scheduling regular visits. That is what Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general does for me. It gives me the ability to dream anew, it refreshes me and quenches my thirst. 
  5. Your oasis should not become a drug that you get addicted to. It should be a respite that you visit
  6. Your oasis can be a person or a place or even a person in a place.
  7. Find your outlet. This is your place of healing – not your place of ministry. I recently discovered that blogging is my ministry but journaling is my outlet. Without one, the other one struggles.

So today as I sing my song, it is only because I am in my place of healing – very strange place it is – but somehow it works for me. Let me just clarify something – it’s not that I would completely curl up and die if I never set foot into Nigeria. God is my refuge. He is my strength. He is my healing balm. He is my life. He is my source. My healing place and my healing people just sometimes help me get through, and every single time I have stepped here, He has catapulted me to another level, another season, another dimension,

So know this – there is a healing coming your way.

It doesn’t matter how bad things look – He will cover you.

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