Of Dying Flowers _ That Were Taught How To Die

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A few minutes ago I had the most interesting conversation with my three-and-a-half year old niece. They are such animated creatures at that age and yet every time I have any sort of interacition with them, they teach me something. These little humans have more faith than most of us grown folk, more courage to speak up and ask questions, more consideration to give to those they see in need, more love to both give and receive genuinely. They are just truly amazing!

Her: Auntie Bev, where are those beautiful flowers that your friend gave you one day? 

Me: They died so I had to throw them out. 

Her: But why did they die? 

Me: They died because they were uno longer growing because they had been picked out of the soil. 

Her: But who taught them how to die? 

Me: Honey, it’s your auntie’s bedtime. Please go ask your Mama. 

That question started my mind on a certain trajectory. There are a lot of people – billions in fact – who walk around dying daily and not living at all. They have given up on their dreams, their hopes and their aspirations. They have given up on hope itself, life that’s for living, love that’s for loving and laughter that’s for laughing. Life has beaten them down and they no longer have the desire nor the will to get up again. Among these millions there are hundreds of millions who never even got up to begin with. They have no concept of purpose and no concept of vision. They are so caught up in just surviving that asking them to dream is just too much for them to give.

I look around me and cannot help but notice how blessed I am. I am surrounded by some amazing gifts in my family. Strong willed, out spoken, over achieving and full of laughter [and opinions] but gifts to me in a way that had I chosen them myself I couldn’t have gotten it any more right.

I have an astoundingly amazing support system in my friends. My people, my heartbeat, my pulse. These are the people who let me know that while life is worth living, there is a way to live it and people with whom to live it that make it all worthwhile. They celebrate me happy or slap me silly depending on what the situation calls for.

And I have some immensely challenging and almost intimidatingly brilliant people whom I look to. People who mentor me, guide me, lead me and challenge me daily to be the best version of me I could possibly be EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And because of all these people surrounding me, I strive to achieve the greatest prototype of @Bev (Copyright Protected in Heaven) that I could ever create. Every day I create a new version of how I believe today should look and every day I run the race – not against the world – but against myself. I strive to be better because the worst thing to do is to die – like those beautiful flowers – and not even know who taught me how to die.

Today, I had a good day. I was challenged, I was stretched, I was questioned, I was celebrated – but in all reality, the race against myself today was won (or would’ve been lost) simply at the point of not even knowing who taught me how to die.

Don’t allow the world to dictate to you how to live and most definitely how to live dead. Be the beautiful version of you that you were created to be. Fight to live. Fight to love. Fight to be. Fight to become. Fight to bloom. Fight to blossom. Whatever you do, JUST FIGHT! Because

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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