Of Ice-Cream and Cake and Presidents Wives!

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Day 4 of The Challenge and I’ll be honest with you. Last night I felt like pulling out. I was bone tired and kept falling asleep as I tried to finish and post before the clock hit midnight, Eastern African Time. I was so exhausted and figured hey … who’s going to argue if I post it after midnight Kenyan time … I mean as long as it goes out before midnight in whatever time zone on God’s green earth that’s the “Light’s Out” Monitor. But you know what? I stuck with it and today I feel so much better that I didn’t quit.

I’ve realized something about myself – as long as I can justify something away and get away with it, I tend to want to take the easy way out. It’s not a good thing, but I do know that it’s the truth. So from now on I will strive to not take the easy way out and do what needs to be done.

So since asking for your suggestions on what topics to write about, I got only one topic and that is our subject du jour is “How To Write A Book” suggested by Alison. My love, I have NO CLUE how to write a book – All I know is what I love and what I love is what I know and what I know is that I love is writing. It gives me the feeling of soaring. It makes me think of nothing but how fast my fingers move across the keyboard and how the words magically appear on the screen in front of me. From deep within me, my soul begins to sway to the rhythm of the click click clicking away. My stance relaxes and I can literally feel every pore in my body opening up and every muscle begin to relax.

I dream of the day I will hold my book and shyly gaze in between the pages. I guess I’m still a little bit old fashioned – for me it’s more the thrill of holding a physical book and flipping through the pages and having the slight breeze created by the flapping pages hit my face ever so gently and bring with it the intense scent and aroma that can only come from a book. Some people dream of being on broadway or seeing their names on the Silver Screen. Some people dream of being president. When I was a little girl, I told my mother that when I grew up, I wanted to be the wife of the President of Kenya. The now very elderly gentleman was at that time not-so-young-man and looking back all I can think was … WHAT IN THE WORLD HAD I BEEN GRAZING ON? But my logic made sense for that time … I figured that since he was the president, and every time I saw him on the TV he was attending a wedding, and at the time of the conversation he was on the TV once again … … … attending a wedding (surprise surprise) – then in that case, attending weddings (which was one of my favorite pastimes, what with wedding cake galore and all) must be a presidential duty. In addition to that, in my mind then (and still today) cake must be accompanied by a dollop of ice cream hence if I was his wife, I would always have unlimited access to cake and ice-cream as I attended weddings to my heart’s content. Those of you who know our former president will by now be doing one of three things:

1) Frantically reaching for a phone to call me and ask me if I’m making this up

2) Frantically falling to your knees to pray for me

3) Frantically trying to keep from keeling over with laughter

I’m glad I got over that dream and moved on to bigger better things. Like publishing a book. I even went as far as writing the first one and am in the process of penning a second one – but have never published the first one. When I started blogging, I said that this was one of the avenues I would use to conquer my fears of allowing people to hear my thoughts and build up the courage to publish a book. And so, my dearest Alison – the moral of this story is that I STILL have no idea how to write or publish a book, but seeing as God blessed me with the gift of the gab, I’m going to keep gabbing as long and as much as I can. Perhaps there is a publisher out there reading these very words and wondering how to get in touch with me … You have my email address 🙂

So as I go to sleep tonight, I’m proud that I have stuck with it and seen yet another day and published yet another blog and live to write another day.

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