Of Imperfections and Perfection Perfected

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When I think of all the Lord has done for me, I cannot help but worship Him. He has created me above all other creatures. He has given me beauty. I am perfection in His eyes. I am pleasing and pleasurable to Him. I am the apple of His eye, created in His image and Likeness. I have dominion over the earth. I am to Him the answer to His problems. I am the solution to His challenges. I am the music to His symphony. I am the beat to his bop.

When I look upon His splendor, I cannot but worship Him. He created me to do nothing but worship – in Spirit and in truth. My one, my only job description is to worship Him now and to worship Him always. He is awesome. He is splendid. He is majesty. I see Him in every mountain, hear Him in every ocean, smell Him in every flower, touch Him in every hug, taste Him in every meal. His goodness and His mercy, He has made my companions – even as I rule, multiply and have dominion over the works of His hands.

He is the creator, the redeemer, the healer, the lover of souls. He serenades my soul with the orchestra of His sweet smelling essence. He is the ultimate giver because in giving, He gave His Son for me. He is my healer, my comforter, my voice of reason, my still, small voice.

He is full of grace and filled with love. He is the ultimate lover – jealous, will not be outdone. He requires my all. He receives my soul. He possesses my heart. He inhabits my praises, He dwells in my body. I am the ultimate monument to His greatness. I am His masterpiece. I am His perfection and He is made perfect in my imperfections. I am complete only in Him and He longs only for all of me.

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