Of Multi-Dimensions and Fighting Strong

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So I recently heard from a friend that another mutual friend is concerned about me. She sees my posts on social media and is concerned that perhaps I may have lost my mind. All this Jesus business. Perhaps the year was just too rough on me and I’m not really handling things well. That initially took me aback and I pondered on it for a while. Did she not see the Jesus in me? Was I not Jesus-y enough? LOL. Quite the change from the me about 10 years ago who was scared to be too radical in order not to scare away people.

So I decided to look back on my timeline because something just wasn’t sitting right. I’ve been posting my Jesus story for a long time now. Probably since 2008/9 … Very little has changed except perhaps the consistency. Very little about my social media life is personal. Most of it has to do with my relationship with my Jesus.

The other thing that struck me is that this mutual friend is mostly a social media friend. I mean I’ve probably seen her (physically) 3 times this year. So Perhaps her only interaction with me concerns her because she doesn’t see the other dimension of my life. The happy, the sad, the laughter, the tears, the growth, the solitude. Perhaps her one-dimensional view of my life as seen on social media made her uncomfortable.

It got me thinking about David (whose life I am currently studying) and how much he endured and how we usually only see him in one dimension – AT A TIME. The Giant Killer. The King. The Murderer of Uriah. The Wife Stealer. The Apple of God’s Eye.

Here’s a dimension of David that I had never seen before:

“But David said in his heart, “Now I will die one day by the hand of Saul. There is nothing better for me than to escape to the land of the Philistines. Then Saul will give up searching for me inside the borders of Israel, and I will escape from his hand [once and for all].””

1 SAMUEL 27:1 AMP [http://bible.com/1588/1sa.27.1.amp]

There is nothing as bad as being encamped around about by your enemies. David was being sought after by  his own people. Wherever he went, the people reported to Saul and he had to keep running. So he got tired and decided to seek refuge among the Philistines. Now just to remind you, these were the very same Philistines who had been at war with Israel for years.The very same ones who had adored Goliath. The same Goliath he had slain. The very same enemies who had fought Israel and defeated for eons. There was bad blood. There was a history.

But when David could no longer trust his own kin, his own people, those with whom he shared customs and a God and food and history, he once again turned to a foreign king. And guess what? He once again found refuge amongst a foreign people and protection from a foreign king. (The one king gave refuge to his parents [Moabite King] and the other to him [Philistine King]).

Three things become very clear to me as I study his life:

  1. He never stopped fighting .
  2. He recognized the danger of the comfort zone.
  3. He never stopped trusting God en while running and fighting.

To someone out there who feels like that battle is raging and no matter where you turn to you can find no refuge, my advise – well, David’s advise – is simple

  1. Don’t give up. God’s not done with you yet.
  2. Step away f m your comfort zone. God is definitely done with it.
  3. Do not turn away from God – He will never leave you nor forsake you

Let me bring this together for you.

Every battle you face is just one dimension of who you are. It’s just a season … and no singular season can ever fully define you … UNLESS YOU LET IT. All the seasons and phases of your life must come together to form the true you – and only you can decide who that person is. Will you be battered and bruised and a victim or will you be a fighter and a warrior and a victor?

To my friend who is concerned about me, this I must say – this Jesus thing is the best decision that I ever made. I pray one day you come to see This Jesus Thing as I see it – a lifeline to all areas and aspects and dimensions of my life.

And to that person our there struggling with this season – remember, it is only one dimension of your life. And life is multi-dimensional. In no time, this too shall pass and you will be in a better place or a clearer place or a calmer place or a stormier place, or a darker place – but again remember, IT IS JUST ONE DIMENSION.

So keep fighting, keep grinding, keep going. Refuse to give up!


And I celebrate you.



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