Of New Beginnings & Forgiving Spirits #PrettyPurposeful

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This has been a whirlwind of a season.

So many doors opening – #AGratefulHeart

So much heartache – #AnAchingHeart

So much happiness – #ASingingHeart

So much hope – #ADreamingHeart

So much love – #ABlushingHeart

And through it all, I sometimes forget to sit back, and to breathe.

Today I did that. I took stock, I sighed, I smiled and as I sit here, I smile.

High for the past week – The BeautifulPetals Launch. It was #Awesome! Such warmth, such laughter, such joy. I was nervous, a good kind of nervous. But I got through it.

I had three – yes I said THREE speaking engagements in the past week, One TV Interview and another one coming up today. I am blessed beyond measure despite the clouds that try to dampen my silver lining.

I’ll say this for today – As much as it’s a new beginning with so much to look forward to, I must also let go of past hurts. I must not punish Mr. Fantastic for the flaws and failures of Mr. Fundamentally wrong for me.

I must not spit in tomorrow’s face because of yesterday’s misgivings and misconstrued sense of right and wrong.

I must completely let go of the festering past in order to embrace my sweet smelling tomorrow.

So here’s to New Beginning, Different Colors of Love and here, in this marvelous month of March in which we celebrate being @PrettyPurposeful, here’s to you walking away from your past and embracing the future you!

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_

You are #PrettyPurposeful

You are #Malkia



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