Of Standing On Shoulders and Slaying Your Giants

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A lot of times, we forget the promise in the middle of the process.

Today, I want to remind you that just because you cannot see the sun on a cloudy day doesn’t mean that it never existed or that it won’t shine again.

Seasons are funny things. They creep up on you even when you know that they will come around in the same order at the same time every year. Some people are never prepared and constantly get caught off guard.

Others are always prepared to the point of never making the time to enjoy the current season. Too much to prepare for,

Each season brings with it challenges, joys, ups, downs, laughter, tears, successes, failures, big wins and epic fails. And each season also brings with it the chance to grow, the choice to refuse to get up, or the decision to dust ourselves off and try again. I listened to a friend describe why she just cannot take no for an answer and how she has managed to come this far. She said simply and beautifully that her parents are the reason she is who she is today. “I Dream Because I Stand On Your Shoulders”.

Whatever season you’re in today, know this. You are here because somebody somewhere loved you enough to sacrifice for you. You’re here not to trample on that sacrifice but to stand tall on the shoulders of those who sacrificed, and go higher, faster, further and bigger then they ever could. Borrow a leaf from Miss Jinna Mutune, Film Maker Extraordinaire. Dream because you’re standing on someone else’s shoulders. Refuse to take no for an answer. Tell your story your way. Today, no matter your situation, you have the ability to re-write the course of history with one stroke of a brush – by how you live your life. So, as Jinna would say, Dare – Dream – Believe, It will keep you firmly grounded in your assignment. Let the snow fall, let the sun shine, let the rain drop and let colors change. So in this our season to celebrate the different #HuesofWinter, Remember now and never forget that:

You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_



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