Of Transitions and Transitioning

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I arise in the morning, tall and majestic.

By noon I survey the savannah grassland, plain and without shade.

At dusk I dip over the, valley deep and wide.

Day by day the landscape of my core changes.

The rainy season drills gorges into the sides of the stark mountain that I am.

The dry season billows and blows away the loose particles and leaves the rock bare and steaming.

The winter time buries the sunlight and color deep beneath a glacier of silence.

And the springtime brings with it life, spark, color and fragrance.

There are seasons of burning bushes and bush fires.

There are seasons of raging waters and floods so powerful they swallow all things living and dead.

But despite the wintertime or the summertime or the springtime or the fall. Despite the sowing season or the waiting season or the reaping season. Despite the cold brilliance of the silent winters or the burning brilliance of the seething summer, a mountain remains a mountain now and always.

I am in a season of transition.

Sometimes I don’t know where to look or what to say.

Most times I am shaken by the uncertainty of the unknown.

Many times I am battered and bruised by a landslide of attacks and battles.

But all times, I am a mountain. I stand tall, stark, dominating and intimidating against the demure picturesque countryside. At nighttime I provide protection and in the daytime I provide shade.

I am a mountain: tall, strong, stark, looming. I cannot be bent into a hill and I will not bow to become a valley. I was created to loom and loom I shall. I was created speak in the silence and speak I shall. I was created to shout in the darkness and sing in the floods. So shout and sing I shall.

You see despite my season, I know my identity and that does not change despite spiritual status, emotional understanding or geographical location.

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