Out of the Pain

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To the woman out there who is riddled with pain.

She who cannot feel anymore because it has numbed her.

She who has closed up like a tropical flower in the Sahara night Wind.

She who’s tear ducts are dry because she has cried too long.

She who has watched and Waited all in vain.

She Who has buried a child or cared for an ailing father.

To the Woman who’s pain has embodied her: know this – it might not be today, and it might not be tomorrow, but one day, the sun will rise again on your darkness.

Your wounds will become scars. Your scars will tell your story. Your story will heal touch and heal someone out there.

So today, take one breath at a time. One step at a time. Breathe in, Breathe out.

And Remember Always that you are BEAUTIFUL – EMPOWERED – VISIONARY.

You are @BeautifulPetal_


Out of the Pain



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