Perfection is … Being Perfect

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Our God is a God of order. He does nothing by mistake and He allows nothing in error. I read the 5th Chapter of the book of Genesis in which is described the genealogy of Adam and caught a couple of things.

1. Adam’s genealogy does not begin with Cain and Abel but with Seth, the son who’s mere life represents a newness of life and a new lease of life. Adam and Eve had already had one TRUE FAIL and that was in the sons they bore right after their unceremonious exit out of the Garden of Eden. God gave them 130 years to understand life on earth before they bore Seth. And when they did, verse 3 tells us that they “begat him in their own likeness, after their image” – the power to transfer spirits had been transferred to them

2. 7 being the number of perfection, it therefore figures that Enoch, the “PERFECT MAN”  was the 7th generation from Adam. He lived THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE YEARS. That cannot be a coincidence. There are 7 days in a week and 365 days in a year. That is God in His perfection.

3. 3 represents the Holy Trinity and thus in my eyes represents salvation. Noah was the THIRD generation from Enoch and had THREE sons. Noah’s piety and purity of heart are what made him the perfect candidate to “save the world” as it were.

Since then, mankind has striven for perfection and killed for it. We have searched for the formula to immortality when we have right in front of us eternal life in Christ. We look for things we can never achieve, not understanding that we have the alternative which is better than what we could ask, think or even imagine.

I looked up the word perfection and found it online being described as “the State and Quality of Being Perfect”. The word itself was used to describe itself. I found that a little bit curious but interesting because outside of God there is not perfection and outside of God man cannot live and only in God can one find perfection. He must be in us and us in Him for us to fulfill ourselves but fulfilling His word. How Awesome! How PERFECT!

I looked at all this and stood in awe of the patterns and orderliness and perfection that lies within the plans of God if only we would allow His good and perfect will to prevail.  Today I lay down my thoughts, my way of thinking and my way of doing things for the sake of God, His plans and His perfect will for my life. I challenge you to do the same because only in Him will we find perfection and only in Him will we achieve perfect success. 

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