Purpose Unfolding – My Story, My Song

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So lately my purpose for being, my raison d’etre, my story, my song, my destiny has been beating through my heart clearer and louder than I could ever have imagined. It’s been quite the transition and the only way I can describe it is like watching the skies clear after a particularly rough thunder storm. First the rain stops. Then the wind subsides. The clouds eventually begin to part and the sun peeks through triumphant at last. There’s going to be an eerie silence for a while, but then after a while the birds seem to chirp louder, the earth seems to smell richer and everything around glistens from mother nature’s loving hand having washed over and disappeared like she was never there.

My Story, my Song, my purpose for being, my raison d’etre becomes more clear with each passing day. I am more confident in myself – but more than anything, I have more confidence in He who put this spring in my step and this song in my heart.

I am less bothered by what the world sees or says and more keen to follow this trail of breadcrumbs to the end of the trail where a pot of gold awaits me.

I am less mindful of opinions and points of view, and more cautious of the voice that guides me, telling me when to stop, how to go and if at all it’s time to speak. That is my number one mandate.

I am more thirsty to seek and search out the Word and less likely to season it with the views of the world.

I am more restless to go deeper and less anxious to stop when need be,

I have found a place. A theme. A song. A rhythm. A Tune and I am following it with all of my heart.

I sing because I’m happy. I smile because I’m loved. I laugh because He is joy to me. I live because I have a reason.

So in this season, I take the time to celebrate my Story, my Song, my #Purposeunfolding, my #Destinycalling, my Victory and my more than expected end.

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