Reflections of a Saul in the Shadow of a David

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Have you ever stopped to think what David must have looked like to Saul?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what an ant feels like in the face of an ant eater?; what a gazelle feels like when facing the jaws of a lion?; what a victim feels like in the face of their attacker?

This week, I stood in the place of David and pitied the Sauls in my life. I decided to wish them the best. I decided to bless them. To the Sauls in my life, I give you peace. The peace that surpasses human understanding. I wish you love, the love of a loving and everlasting God. I wish you joy – that the joy of the Lord may truly by your strength, and I bless you, with the Blessings of the Lord that make rich and add no sorrow.

To the Sauls in my life, I bid you adieu. I must pursue my destiny, I must do me. My destination is assured, I must now focus on my journey and the process. I can no longer hide in caves and observe from across the valley. I must venture out, launch into the deep, step out of the boat and have my walking on water moment with my Future.

To the Sauls in my life, I pray for you. That you may forgive me for whatever I may have done, let go of whatever you think I may have done, be clear on whatever I did not do and walk away from whatever you think I should do.

I am a David, a prince among men. I am a David, a murderer of lions and bears. I am David, an obliterator of giants. For every Goliath there is a stone and I must now focus on slaying the Goliaths.




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