The Eagle Soars Again – #anewbeginning

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This is so exciting. We are in a new season and here is the beginning of that season.

November is my month for giving thanks. I thank the Lord for all things, young and old, fresh and new, known and mysterious, big and small. The past 12months have been a very steep learning curve for me as a person. It has been a season of fresh things coming to life where death seemed to be hovering over old things. It has been a season of learning to cry in private even as I smile and put on a brave face for the world. It has been a season of old things bowing out as they birthed new things. It has been a season of redefining boundaries and redrawing strategies. A season where I am learning to respect the right for other people to have an opinion about me and mine even while knowing that those opinions don’t necessarily have to be mine or shared by me or even paid attention to.

My world has expanded by the love I have receive from my world, even as that very same world has retracted and grown smaller for the sheer reason that life happens and then we move on.

The new face of BeatifulPetals comes with an exciting array of new things – and that is a fact. However, the new face also comes with a commitment: We will – I will speak the truth, more boldly and courageously than ever. And I will do it while respecting the opinions of those who have spoken into my life as well as into whose lives I have a mandate to pour into. However, this will not in any way stop me – us – from doing what we must of necessity achieve: Our God-Given mandate and my heaven-ordained assignment.

As I walk into this new season, I am assured of this one thing. That while I must leave the nest and leap off the mountain just like the baby eagle must, It is for my own good and will only come to an expected end – the end to which I was created for – to SOAR above it all.

I recently read about the eagle. When it reaches approximately 40years of age, it’s once razor-sharp talons are now weakened and its once hazadoursly sharp beak is bent. Its once excitingly soft feathers are rough and tousled, and it looks not too attractive or majestic. So it confines itself to it’s nest in a high place and begins the painful yet essential process of self-pruning. It pulls out it’s talons one by one. Once they have grown back, it bangs its beak against a stone until it too comes out. Once that has grown back, it pulls out its feathers one by one and waits for them to grow back. This process is long, painful and often bloody. During the process, the eagle cannot hunt or fly. But after the process, this majestic bird is reborn and renewed.

The claws, beak and feathers all undergo a complete makeover and one would think that this would break or change the eagle but soon it soars again. The one thing that keeps it going is the one thing that defines it. VISION. While the sight of the eagle is not touched, the eagle can still dream, can still visualize and can still see the expected end.

My prayer for you, for all of us today, is that our vision will remain intact. That we may be able to still dream, still visualize and still see the expected end.

Remember the dreams you dreamt in your youth, the youth of your dreams and the youthful dreams of your life. Remember them now and begin to walk in them. Your hands and your speech and your ability may have been impaired but your vision was not touched. Your site remained intact.

Today I give thanks for the gift of site and the ability to Visualize. The gift of dreaming and the ability to be a Visionary.

I am Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

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