The Fire That Burns From Within

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Over the past couple of days I have spent time with some amazing people, all of whom are very near and dear to me. As the evening draws to a close, I realize that spending time with the right people, in the right atmosphere and with the right intent of the heart, will put me on the correct path to spending more time with God.

There is a fire that burns within me. It is like the noon day heat over the equator in the month of December in my country Kenya. It is a thick heat, silent but deadly. Roaring yet invisible, it covers everything it touches and whatever is touched by it is either enhanced or killed.

I am in that place tonight where all I want to do is worship. I am in that space where all I want to do is spend time with God. With my God, my Father, my King. All I want to do is hear from Him and speak to Him. I am breathless for you Lord. I am breathless and the only thing I can think of to give me life is you. I am restless and the only peace I know comes from you.

I dance to the beat of the African sun – but today, all I want to do is take that beat and subdue it under you Lord. All I want is for you to use me as an extension of you. All I need is you Lord. Today, ALL I NEED IS YOU.

So as the beat of the drum lulls to a humdrum of a hum, all I want Lord, is YOU. All I need is you Lord. All I will ever need is you. Take me. make me, mold me and set m free to worship you in Spirit and in Truth.

Eternally yours.

Eternally worshiping.

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