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She smiled through the pain. She smiled through the rain. She smiled through the tears. She smiled past her past. She smiled because she finally knew. She smiled because she no longer needed to guess. She smiled because as hard as it was to hear, she finally had an answer. She finally felt – for the first time in a long time like she could breathe again.

When she looked at the briefest lifetime recently passed, she knew that she could not have asked for more: More joy, more laughter, more peace, more love. She knew that for the briefest moment she had tasted what she knew to be pure and good and sweet. But that loving something meant being able to let it go and smile through the tears.

She is woman. She is gorgeous. Her smile lights up a room and her laughter gives life to dead situations. She is woman through and through and smiling through the pain is what she has become good at. She has loved. She has lost. She has given. She has sacrificed. She has protected. She has endured. She has persevered.

She was built for much. She was built to withstand the perfect storm. She was built to get up after falling. Even when it feels like tomorrow will never come, she is woman through and through. If she has to crawl through the dusk, grasp through the night and stumble into the dawn of another day, the sun will come up and she will smile through her pain. Smile through her tears.

Today I dedicate this to every woman who has smiled through the tears. Who has held another as they cried even while her own heart was breaking. Today I dedicate this to every woman who has sacrificed when she had nothing. Who has born the pain so another could have some relief. To every sister, mother, wife, girlfriend, BFF, lover, daughter – the ones who know how to give the perfect hugs when the walls are closing in. The ones who get angry when you have no strength to. The ones who pick you up when you don’t have the resolve to get up. The ones who cover you when you are vulnerable and your pain is naked and raw.

Today I dedicate this to all you BeautifulPetals out there who don’t know how to get through the tears, the pain, the rain. Smile through the tears. Smile through the pain. Smile through the rain. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Remember, You are Beautiful – Empowered – Visionary

You are @BeautifulPetal_

You are #Malkia so let the Queen in you arise!



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