What’s in a name?

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I have searched high and low in my 36years on this wonderful planet and only in these past two weeks have I finally begun to comprehend what God has in store for me. I have finally looked into the mirror and caught a glimpse of what He saw in the begin of time before He physically created me while He breathed his Rua breath into my spirit. His breath of life gave me life then and today I have a new name. My birth name suits me perfectly. I never thought another name could suit me more. I love seeing the deeper meanings of names and studying tediously to see if they match the personality types and character traits of the people. 

Then I noticed something in the Bible. Every time God wanted to use someone in the Bible, He first changed their name. Last week I got my new name. I was renamed. My new name means “I have found the precious one who I am to care for” and was given to me by someone I greatly admire and respect, someone who means a great deal to me. Someone who has entrusted me with a great vision and trusts that I will carry this vision with them and see it come to pass. 

God gave me a new name. By giving life to another’s vision, God has given vision to my life. I see better now that I have been given direction. I have direction now that I am called by this new name and the new name gives me cause to seek out that direction and find it and do whatever I can within my power to get to my desired destination. In the words of the great Sir William Shakespeare, What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet; … Your essence, your authenticity, your uniqueness does not change because of your name. Your flavor remains the same. What changes is how long you linger in peoples’ minds and on their hearts after you are gone, and how how long your scent stays on God’s green earth once you are gone. The one who gave me a new name understands my destiny and also understands what role they have to play in helping me achieve my destiny. I am precious – a precious one (not one in a precious few or one in a precious many) and they understand by the grace of God that part of them achieving their destiny is tied to caring for me and helping me achieve mine. This is a sign and the next one who hears that name and latches onto the greatness of the name and the weightiness of it’s meaning will be the one to cover and protect me even as this one who named me cared for me up until the point when the future one comes to cover me. It may sound confusing to some but this word is not for anybody and everybody. Those who have ears and hear this word and it resonates in their hearts will begin to seek God to bring them to the one who will give them that new name that will give vision to their life even as they give life to the vision of another. Those who do not will not. It’s a simple as that. So my earthly parents gave me this one name and the one who is birthing a new vision in me has given me this new name and the one who is my covering will complete the process and give me another name even as I take on his name. I am thrilled and excited. Today I see the pieces of the puzzle fitting so much better now that I have direction and am called by a new name. It has helped me move that one step closer into my destiny. I know my name … Question is,Do you know yours?Image



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