When Greatness Calls

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I read this earlier today and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have always thought myself somewhat peculiar. I see life in technicolor and hear things in surround sound. When a bird sings, I hear an orchestra. What lightning strikes I see it in 3D. For most of my life I struggled to understand what it is in me that only I could see and fought to get out of the cocoon of awkwardness that threatened to engulf me. I have finally come out into my own and the words above give validity to the technicolor, surround sound, 3D movie that is my world view of life.

That’s the thing with greatness. The world won’t “get it” but they don’t need to – not until your time of unveiling has come. Those around you won’t always validate you but their validation is worth nothing compared to the one who’s blood paid the price. The voice inside won’t always affirm you but only the voice above needs to.

In my high school, there was a room marked “GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING”. It was the equivalent of the pink couch that I will one day place in my office for those who need love, affirmation, restoration, healing and empowerment to come and lay down all their sorrows and problems and leave refreshed, renewed and rejuvenated for the journey ahead. The concept was that guidance for life’s issues and counselling about life’s challenges could be found only in that room. Today I know better. My guidance and counselling teacher, my legal adviser and my aide in all matters walks with me. That’s how important a client I am to Him. That He (Holy Spirit) cannot, will not, must not rest until my mandate here on earth is fulfilled. That’s how costly His time is and how valuable a price Christ paid in death.

So I no longer need validation, affirmation, confirmation or retribution. Christ paid the price. My part is to walk into that greatness without fear, favor, bias or brokenness.

Hear me and hear me well. I dance because I hear the music. You don’t because you don’t. But just because you cannot hear it does not mean it is not playing. A full symphony orchestra complete with technicolor and 3D special effects. I dance because I am affirmed and validated.

Today, may you begin to hear the tune in your heart and when you do, make sure you dance like there is no tomorrow because who knows … the tune may have changed, evolved or just ceased altogether.  That is my prayer for you. And for myself, may I never cease to hear the music and may I always continuously and consistently grow in love for God and love of man just as Christ’s love for me never shrinks but overcomes all.



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